Annual Events

Inter house sportsmeet

The school inter house sportsmeet is annually held for the purpose of inculcating unity and team sprit among the students. This event has contributed to produce globally efficient athletes to train the students to endure the victory and defeat in a balanced mind.


Annual prize giving

The annual prize giving is organized with wide academic objectives as a stimulus for students to obtain the highest positions in their academic and co-curricular activities. The sole sponsorship for this event is done by the past pupils association and the college academic and non-academic staff.


Annual prith chanting

The Annual prith chanting ceremony and the alms giving is conducted as a religious and traditional event of the school which is organized to bestow merits to the late pioneers, teachers and students as a blessing to the present student community and the academic and non academic staff. This is a great festive event which provides the students a practical experience of Buddhist rituals and practices.


Annual English

The Annual English day is organized to motivate students to improve their English language skills and to display their aesthetic talents while appreciating the literature. 


Annual Science, Commerce and Art Days

The Annual Science day, Commerce Day and Arts Day are organized by due sections first to pacify their academic stress and to improve their aesthetic sentiments and talents.


P.M. Jayathilaka Memorial Ceremony

The Annual P.M. Jayathilaka Memorial Ceremony held in October is organized with the purpose of bestowing gratitude to our late pioneer principal Mr. P.M. Jayathilaka.

In parallel to this, a scholarship fund is maintained by Jayathilaka family members, providing scholarships to the selected students who enter the university annually. The past pupils association also organizes a medical clinic as a meritorious activity to invoke blessings to the souls of late Mr. P.M. Jayathilaka, and other late pioneers, teachers and students.