The Management of Ibbagamuwa central college headed by Mrs. Nirodha Abeywickrama. (SLEAS ii) and assisted by  Deputy Principal (SLPS 1)(Education Department ) Mr. Dhammika Athukorala and Deputy Principal Mr. L.C.A Pathrana (Co -Curr.) SLPS 2.

The Science section consist 12 classes and they are monitored by Mrs.Senanayaka.

The Commerce section include 8 classes and guided and controlled by Mr. Ranjith Kumara

Mr. Thilakarathna is the head of Art section and there are 8 classes in there.

Junior section (Grade 6-8) is Located in a separated place and controlled by Mr..H.M.N.K.Herath and Senior section Grade 9-11 is supervised by Mr. Chathura Hindagolla.


Organizational Hierarchy