The Management of Ibbagamuwa central college headed by Mrs. Nirodha Abeywickrama. (SLEAS ii) and assisted by Deputy Principal Mrs. Prathibha Devapriya (SLEAS III) Deputy Principal (Admin) Mr. K.B.B Piyadasa (SLPS 2) Deputy Principal (SLPS 2)(Education Department ) Mr. Dhammika Athukorala and Deputy Principal Mrs. L.R Wajiarawathi (Co -Curr.) SLPS 2.

The Science section consist 12 classes and they are monitored by Mr. P.A Lintan.

The Commerce section include 8 classes and guided and controlled by Mr. Senevirathna Banda.

Mr. Wijerathna Banda is the head of Art section and there are 8 classes in there.

Junior section (Grade 6-8) is Located in a separated place and controlled by Mr.. D.M Dissanayaka (SLPS 3) and Senior section Grade 9-11 is supervised by Mr. L.C.A Pathirana (SLPS 2)


Organizational Hierarchy