Ibbagamuwa Central College is one of the leading school in the North Western Province located besides the panoramic view of the Bathalagoda tank of Ibbagamuwa in the ancient "Hasthishailapura" for 74 years empowering sons and daughters with knowledge, dignity and pride.


Newly opened technical section and this new web site pave the way to the students to cope with the advancement of the Science and Technology, revealing the history and the dignity of the college.


I wish all these new infrastructures will support the students of the school to gain strength and success to enter the world with the modern technology behaving as the motto of the school "Charatha Sangama Seese Nagova"


"Wejambewa Ibbagamu Viduhala Ape"


Mrs. P.N.S.D. Abeywickrama (SLEAS-II)
The Principal
Ibbagamuwa Central College